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Welcome to L&L Millsberry Forum! We hope you join our group! Our forum is a good, safe, place to meet other Millsberry fans and share hints on Millsberry! This forum is child friendly and we will not reveal any of your personal information. This forum is made by kids, for kids! So don't sit there staring at the register button, click on it! Every member counts into shaping this forum into what it could become one day.

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L&L Millsberry Forum Rules

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default L&L Millsberry Forum Rules

Post by Sparklyindigopink on Tue Apr 22, 2008 4:16 am

Though we try to keep this a fun place, we also have many younger viewers and we have to keep it safe, so please try to keep it friendly and follow the rules to ensure our members' safety.

L&L Millsberry Forum's Rules

Written by Chrisyee and Lisa

1. No direct swearing.
Please put a line through a swear word (e.g:swearword) or put *censored* or replace the letters with '*'s as we have a number of young members. Profanity may offend others.

2. No arguing.
If you argue with a Moderator or an Admin, you will be given a warning.
Please argue with other members through PMs; we do not want to read your arguments.

3. No begging.
Please do not beg to be made into a Moderator, Admin or Golden Member. Ask, not beg.
Begging reduces the likeliness of you becoming a part of our staff.

4. Respect Others.
Please do not be rude or mean. You will have only two exceptions for this.
Some people do not realize they are hurting people's feelings.
If someone continues to be mean, please tell me or a moderator.
Please also show us the posts in which the person was being mean to you
in, and if neccessary, why they have hurt you.

5. Be yourself.
Do not pretend to be other people.
You may use a made-up username, but do not say you are another member if
you are not, even more importantly please do not pretend to be a Moderator or an Admin.
We do not accept posers. Do not pretend to be a famous person if you are not.

6. No scamming, spamming, etc.
Do not ask for another member's password for anything unless
you are a Moderator or you give a sufficient reason to do so.
Do not cheat members out of items, or millsbucks.
Messages or posts that contain spam are not allowed.

7. Limit of smilies-3 lines.
If you do not follow that you may get a warning.
Although we have said that the limit is three lines, please try not to use more than two.
The only exception for the use of unlimited smilies is in the Arcade category, General Topic or any other gaming threads.

8. Post your question, query or topic in the appropriate place.
Topics put in the incorrect areas will be moved.
Members who continue putting questions in inappropriate areas on purpose will be given a warning.

9. Do not lie.
Please do not lie to an Admin or Global Moderator unless you are not serious,
and the Admin or Global Moderator knows you are just kidding.

10. Do not double-post.
Please do not post the same question twice!
If you do this, one of them will be moved or deleted.

11. Multiple Accounts
While having multiple forum accounts is not against the rules,
know that it would be found as suspicious and put you under scrutiny.
That being said, creating multiple accounts is strongly discouraged!\
If you have a double (or more) account, please make sure you do not pretend to be another person.

12. Do not make false accusations of members being hackers.
We do not want to know of false presences of scammers, hackers, etc. If you think a member has scammed you, please report them to us instead of starting a fight.

13. Follow these rules!
Breaking these rules will have consequences!
If you continue breaking rules after sufficient warning, you will be banned for 24 hours or more.General TopicArcade category

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